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James Avery Dead at 68

Everybody’s favorite uncle, James Avery, has passed away at the age of 68.

The man who played Uncle Phil on the hit show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was in a Glendale, CA hospital when he died late New Year’s Eve. He had some heart issues and had started to do worse lately.

It’s sad news for many as the character was a favorite for his life lessons on the show and James Avery will be missed.


Peter Dante Goes Off

If you have seen an Adam Sandler movie, the odds are you know who Peter Dante is.

Now, you’ll know him for a totally different reason. According to the hotel report from last week, Dante got into it with an overnight staffer and berate him with slurs. Dante would allegedly then go on to threaten the individual with friends of his.

Now, we know that Dante admitted to TMZ that he said certain things, he seems to believe it was the staffer who started the whole situation. We’ll see how this develops.


Alec Baldwin Takes Stand in Stalker Case

For those that don’t know, Alec Baldwin is in a case facing a woman that he claims has been stalking him.

The woman in question, Genevieve Sabourin, claims that she met Baldwin back in 2002 and then had dinner together in 2010. She also insists that they slept together despite Baldwin disputing that claim saying nothing sexual happened.

Baldwin even began to cry at one point when discussing the case. It will be interesting to see where this case and it will continue for now, but which side of the fence are you on in this situation?

Image by David Shankbone on Flickr


CeeLo Green: No Sexual Assault

Artist CeeLo Green will not be charged with sexual assault from an incident that involved a woman claiming CeeLo had slipped a drug in her drink. He will, however, be charged with possessing ecstasy.

There appeared to be some holes within the woman’s story that made the D.A. decide to reject the case for the sexual assault charge.

As for how all of this will affect CeeLo’s spot on The Voice…it won’t. He’s solid to keep the gig.

Image by Pat Guiney on Flickr